The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

The Lost Art of Manners.

on February 22, 2012

I watched my oldest daughter eagerly open a door for an elderly couple the other day.  It warmed my heart and made them smile.  I am sure it filled some buckets too.  I know my father was smiling because being respectful to your elders was a high priority to him. Well, for that matter demonstrating good manners in general was important to him!

My oldest daughter, K, definitely has embodied the importance of good manners, and she does this without concern as to who is watching or what her peers may say. I don’t even have to ask her to do the right thing; she just does it.  K has a warm, caring heart especially towards the young and the elderly.

This is not always the case with today’s children.  I could blame TV, music, or video games, but as I have said before, it begins and ends at home.  Not only should parents make their children use manners such as please and thank-you, parents should also teach their children to open the door, pull out chairs, offer to help, and in general display the every day common courtesies that seem to be vanishing.  Parents have to lead by example though.  It is through examples that our children learn the most.

Let your kids see dad open the door for mom; mom helping an elderly person with their bags, and both parents using polite respectful language to everyone.  Before you know it, without you asking, your children will be doing the same!


7 responses to “The Lost Art of Manners.

  1. daddyranman says:

    Well said…leading by example is now a lost art more than reflex!

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  3. katejohns says:

    You are right. I always forget that my kids are watching what I do, and how I treat others.So when my husband comes home from work, I’m going to hug him, give him his slippers, and tell him I love him more than anything. And tonight, I’ll cook dinner and do the dishes!!

  4. This is so true. I can’t recall all the things I do, nor can I remember what all my husband does, but this is a good reminder to start paying attention and be mindful what we do in front of our daughter.

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