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Sharing Sunday

Each Sunday, I would like to share with you some of the other amazing blogs that I have discovered.  These are the ones that I consider the most interesting for the week.  I will provide one post in the following areas: Delightfully Delicious which will provide a recipe or some other type of food post, Fabulously Funny which will be something to make you laugh, Nifty Notions which will be a new idea or concept that may inspire you in some way, and Radical Reflections which will look back at one of my most popular post of the week.  ENJOY!

Delightfully Delicious 

Rice Pudding — My husband loves rice pudding and he eagerly waits for my mom to make it every Thanksgiving.  Yes, once a year because I don’t cook!!  Well, I might step up to the plate and try this recipe!!

Fabulously Funny

Did you know that UPS is making grilled cheese now? With my cooking, my kids probably wished that the UPS made grilled cheese.  I found this delightful story at All That Makes You.

Image representing UPS  as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Nifty Notions

Taggin all all of your cables — With all of the electronics, cables can easily over take our house and don’t even mention trying to move anything with cables!  This is a great idea to get a handle on all of those cables.

Radical Reflections 

Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum ,2007.

Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum ,2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11 Life Lessons From Bill Gates — This post was the most popular in the last week probably because it is true.  I feel strongly that every high school student and their parents should have this posted in their home where it is visible everyday.


What Am I Thankful For Right Now

This week in general has been a blessing for me.  Maybe it is because we are all just getting over the stomach bug and pink eye and other illnesses or maybe it is because the weather is warmer and the sun is up longer, but whatever the reason, I want to take a moment and recognize my blessings.

So, what am I thankful for right now?

-The warm embrace of the sun.

-The ping of the softball bat.

-The giggles of Fa on the swing set.

-The smell of laundry straight off the line.

-Sweet ice tea (no sodas in 2 weeks for me!!!)

Pitcher of Iced Tea with a Glass of Ice Tea.

Sweet southern tea!

My oldest daughter asking me to snuggle with her

A loving husband that puts up with my craziness!

-A fantastic mother that always has my back!

-The best damn in-laws anyone could have wished for!

-A brother that can always make me laugh

-An extremely smart step-son who will achieve great things in life!

-I am thankful for all of the mistakes I made in life that brought to where I am today!

Thank you God!

What are you thankful for?


This week seems to have unconsciously been about blessings and miracles. I read this post on Monday and it really moved me because I know we often do this as parents. I thought I would share. This blogger is wonderful and you should check out her other post.

4 little Fergusons

  After talking about this in Sunday School twice, I just knew it was something important to share.  I think it’s something we all struggle with, if we are honest with ourselves……..

 How many times do we tell our children “Just a Minute,” but then never get to it? 

“Read me a book, Mommy!”  Just a minute.

“Can you hold me?”  Let me just transfer this load of laundry first.  (and make lunch and take a phone call and never get to it…..)

  What if our “Just A Minute” words (or our excuses) were replaced with the words:

“I don’t love you enough to stop what I am doing right now.” 


“You are not more important than my _______.” 

                                     Fill in the blank: chores, facebook, cell phone, tv show.

  I know that is harsh and not at all the case, but have you…

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Magic Trick Or Miracle

Last Sunday we went to church.  I love the feeling of going to church with the family — it provides such a positive way to start the new week.  At my church, after we worship the Lord in song, our children are dismissed to kids church.  So, off Fa went to kids church.

When I went to get her after service, she was happy as usual and eager to tell me about the lesson she learned.  This week they focused on the miracles that Jesus performed.  Fa told me when she got home she was going to show me a magic trick just like Jesus did. 

When we reached home, she bounded out of the car and straight to the kitchen.  She pulled a chair up to the counter and took out 2 cups.  One cup she filled with water.  She carefully poured the water  into an empty cup.  I looked in the cup and then at her.  She looked in the cup and then at me.  She said, “Well, that didn’t work.”

Fa doesn’t give up easily though.  She grabbed two different cups and tried again.  When the water remained water from one cup to the next, I could see the disappointment in her face.  I asked her what was suppose to happen.  She said, “Mom! (as if it was my fault) The water was suppose to turn to juice you know like you drink sometimes!”

Then it dawned on me that she was trying to recreate when Jesus turned water to wine!  I suppressed my laughter because I knew if I laughed she would become furious at me.  Then I tried to explain to her the difference between a magic trick and a miracle.  Not an easy lesson–

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What Blessing May You Miss?

How many of you still like to write and draw on the condensation that appears on the car windows early in the morning?  My oldest daughter does it almost daily.  She will write her name, good morning, or draw a smiley face.  I know that some adults fuss because they don’t want smudges or fingerprints on the glass, but it always makes me smile, and I would never tell her to stop!! 

Condensation on a Window in Wexford, Ireland F...

Condensation on a Window in Wexford, Ireland Français : de la condensation sur une vitre en Irlande. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning my husband took Fa to school, and they left before I did.  I got in my car and started backing up.  I looked to my right out of the passenger window and there I saw a note that said “I like you Mom.”  Fa had followed in her Sissy’s footsteps and wrote in the condensation on my car, and it made me laugh and cry all at the same time!  It really filled my bucket!

First, it made me laugh because she said like and not love.  I am telling myself that she doesn’t know how to spell love yet! 

Second, it made me cry because she likes me!!!!  That means a lot to me!!

Now what if I had been one of those people that always fussed at K for writing in the condensation?  Fa would never had learned that nifty little trick, and I would have never received such a great gift early this morning.  So, before you fuss at your kids (or someone else’s) over something so trival as leaving a note in the condensation, think about the blessing you may miss!



How To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

As I was pittling around the house today, I decided to get rid of all of the empty pill bottles that had accumulated.  I get 3 prescriptions a month and my husband was in a pretty bad car accident a year ago and I hadn’t gotten rid of those.  I hate to just throw stuff away and really do try to recycle it in some way.  So, I researched a little and found these great ideas for reusing empty pill bottles:

1) Store your craft supplies without having a mess!  Store items like glitter, sequins, beads and googly eyes in pill bottles as well.  This picture shows how I used a few of my bottles.

2) Store small items that you need at your desk such as: thumb tacks, paperclips, and rubber bands.

3) Always losing Barbie’s high heels? Store smaller doll items like shoes and accessories in a pill bottle so they don’t get lost.

4) Use larger pill bottles in home made first aid kits and travel kits. I will definitely be doing this for K’s softball tournaments.

5) Use them for your daily vitamins – Instead of getting out several bottles each day do it once a week and fill up several pill containers with each days vitamins and supplements. I like this idea since I try to get a weeks worth of supplies ready on Sunday.  Now I just have to start taking vitamins!!

Of course, you want to prep the bottles before you use them for any thing.  Take of the labels.  Then I encourage you wash the inside with dish detergent and hot water.  After that, heat water to boiling, pour it into each container, wait one minute, and then rinse.

If you aren’t comfortable reusing these bottles, here are some other suggestions:

1) Check with your local free clinic or veterinarian’s office to see if they accept used prescription bottles.

2) The American Foundation for Children with AIDS accepts empty, clean, amber/blue/green prescription bottles and sends them to Africa to be re-used over and over again at hospitals and pharmacies. Visit their website, AFCAIDS.org, or mail as many bottles as you have to:

American Foundation for Children with AIDS

6221 Blue Grass Avenue

Harrisburg, PA 17112
Prescription Bottle First Aid Kit

I am sure there are others, but these are just two that I found.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them!  Happy recycling!

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I found this on the blog luke and jules and just had to share! This video will take your breath away!

luke and jules

A compilation of narrow escapes from death. My friend and I watched this on the edge of our seats in disbelief!

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As Long As They Make You Happy

Raising two girls always brings up the dreaded concept of boyfriends and love.  I don’t know but I like to think that it is easier when you raise boys.  Ever since I can remember, I have told K that she couldn’t have a boyfriend unless he made good grades, stayed out of trouble, treated his parents respectfully, went to church, and was active in “something” like sports.  I hammered that into her thinking I would avoid all problems mainly because I didn’t know of any boys young or old that could meet those requirements.

I was safe her first 8 years of school.  At the end of her 8th grade year though, it happened.  K confided in me that a “boy” liked her.  First, I was excited to the core that she “talked” to me!  Second, I ran through our list of requirements which she answered yes to all of them.  I told her to get to know him, and if he made her happy then she would know if they should “date.”  DATE — not really date in the sense that I think of date — they come pick you up.  Your dad gives them the stank eye.  Your little brother attaches to your leg and screams, “Please don’t take my sister away.”  You die of embarrassment.  Yes, that actually happened on my first official date.  Nowadays, date means you text nonstop, and you giggle a lot.  When I was in 8th grade, we called that “going together”.  Nevertheless, they ended up “dating”.  They even went to the 8th grade formal together.

I liked him all right until I begin to realize what this all meant.  It meant he was always on her mind.  It meant watching movies at my house while I heard them giggle over silly stuff.  It meant going to the homecoming dance together. It meant that he went to family events with us.  It meant they (him and his parents) took her places such as the movies and the local theme park.  It meant K wasn’t around as much and was growing up.  It meant I was entering a new phase in my life — one in which I stayed up to curfew worrying until she walked through the door.

We are almost 2 years into this relationship, and I have to say at times I have been rather resentful of this young man.  I have spent countless number of hours trying to nick pick him to death so that K would be set free of such a smart, polite, respectful, church-going, baseball playing young man.  I mean what kind of mother would allow her daughter to “date” a young man that comes from a good family, attends school regularly, makes good grades, and doesn’t get in trouble (and I would know because I teach at the same school and I have had “eyes” on him for over a year now); a young man that goes to church, is actively involved in his youth group, and has invited K on several church activities; a young man that plays basketball and baseball and swims; a young man that makes her smile and laugh and brings her flowers when she is sick.

Wait…. I just read all of that and realized that is exactly what I want for my daughter.  Letting go is not easy no matter how good the situation is — she is still my baby but damn she is growing up so fast, and I am just not ready.  I know they are young, and it might not last forever.  If it doesn’t, I am here for her, and more than willing and able to tell her that she can do sooooo much better, but for now,  if this young man is the best she can do I will let her be happy!


Jewelry And Baby Teeth

Yesterday I posted about keeping my children’s baby teeth.  I decided I was going to make a tooth necklace.  Pretty gross, uh?  I was only joking, but then I found this website: http://beautyxpose.com/2009/fashionandstyle/wtf-of-the-week-creations-by-polly-van-der-glas.html

This puts a whole new meaning behind keepsake.  You know I love the little plaster hand prints, and I have a lock of hair from their first hair cut, but this is a little out there.  Well, I guess it isn’t any more out there than actually keeping those teeth in a pretty little box.  This artist is asking for donations of teeth and hair in order to make such creations as rings, earrings, and necklaces! 

This isn’t really for me, but if this works for you, I would love to see a picture of your new jewelry.  Maybe a Christmas gift?


Our Tooth Fairy Is No Dwayne Johnson

I was snuggling with Fa when the tooth fairy appeared.  I heard the tinkle of his wings and was getting excited to see a Dwayne Johnson type tooth fairy, but when he came out of the dark my tooth fairy was slightly rotund with a bald spot — definitely not Dwayne!

Once I recovered from my disappointment, I gave the tooth fairy the tooth baggie and instructions to leave a note.  “A NOTE!” he huffed.  “Yes! A NOTE!” I replied.  This tooth fairy was obviously new to the job.  As he turned to fly away, I whispered loudly,”And don’t forget the glitter!”  He stopped dead in his tracks, turned slowly with his hands on his hips and grunted, “GLITTER!”  “YES! GLITTER! She is a glitter kind of a girl!”  I heard him twinkle-toeing down the hall to complete his duties.

The next morning as I watched the tooth fairy drink his second cup of coffee, I realized that he must have had a fight with the glitter bottle because he had glitter all over his face. I knew I was a lucky woman (even if my tooth fairy didn’t look like Dwayne Johnson).  I had a tooth fairy that didn’t mind wrestling with a glitter bottle at midnight and wearing glitter on his face for a week because glitter is really hard to get off just to make his baby girl happy.

God is good!


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