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What Is Up Your Nose?

on March 5, 2012

When I tell people I have a blog, they always ask the name.  I tell them “whatsupyournose!”  They crinkle up their face and say, “What?”  Of course, I repeat it and then the next question is “Why did you name it that?”  Since this is the one month anniversary for the first post on my first blog, I thought I would share the story that lead to the naming of this great blog!!

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner one evening when my 3 year old daughter calmly walked in and said, “Nook Mommy.”  I turned and dropped to my knees.  I quickly pinched FaFa’s nose high on the bridge to keep the Gobstopper from going any deeper.  Yes, she had a red Gobstopper stuffed in her nose. (Please don’t lecture me at this point about what a horrible mother I am for leaving a 3 year old with a box of Gobstoppers unattended!!)  I worried that if she sniffed hard or inhaled that the Gobstopper would go down the back of her nasal passage into her throat and choke her.

I tried to remain calm, but I felt panic rising in me.  It didn’t seem to phase FaFa at all.  As I pinched, I slide my fingers forward trying to ease the Gobstopper to the opening of her nose.  It moved slowly, but finally, it did come out of her nose and bounce on the floor.  Fa laughed as it rolled around.  I grabbed a napkin to pick it up because, well, we all know what else is up your nose!

I slumped against the cabinets with relief, and I asked her, “Why did you put that up your nose?”  She looked at me seriously like the answer should have already been very clear to me, “I wanted to smell it.”  Smell a Gobstopper?  Do they even have smells?  I did laugh, but I also used this as a moment to explain to her that “things” do not go up your nose because it could hurt her.

“OK Mom!” She bounced out of the kitchen to go smell another Gobstopper!

As I reflected on the situation, I realized that many parents, if not all of the parents, have had a very similar experience with their child!  As I shared the news about my blog and the name with some of my colleagues, I began to be bombarded with stories — one man’s child loved to stick rocks up her nose; another has a child that loves to put peas up his nose; Anthem even has a commercial about it!  Anyway, it is nice to know that I am not alone!!  And connecting with others so you realize you are not alone in the parenting journey is the purpose of my blog!

Share your story of What’s up your nose?!


12 responses to “What Is Up Your Nose?

  1. Gina says:

    I believe you read my blog post about my daughter sticking the tiny screw in her nose! The Urgent Care doctor told me she gets cases like that at least once a week.

  2. Brandy Hutchinson says:

    My children didn’t stick things up their noses, but everything went in their mouth..Andrew more so than Cassidy 🙂 I had to watch him very closely because everything he touched went straight to his mouth! I remember Cassidy crawling behind the sofa and coming out the other side chewing on something and when I opened her mouth, it was a nasty looking bug! I thought that was the worst thing in the world..the though of my child chewing on that nasty looking bug horrified me! Lol..the things kids will do to about give us parents a heart attack! Now that mine are older its worse things than sticking things in their mouth..now its climbing trees, doing tricks on their bikes, skateboarding, you know, all the things that could possibly cause broken bones! In others words, the worries never end, but being a parent is the most rewarding, precious gift ever 🙂

  3. katejohns says:

    Okay, so what exactly is a gobstopper? My daughter has a fascination with water. When she was little , she would play with the toilet handle, continually flushing it, running away giiggling. While I wrote when she was little, she filled the sink in downstairs bathroom, and played with the soap. She washed her Barbies,their clothing, her hands, her toys, everything she could fit in that small sink.
    When I started potty training her, she filled the small potty with water, and used it as a pool for her dolls. Thank God she grew out of that. But, at 13, she takes super long showers, and adores being on a swim team!!

  4. cnicolewhite says:

    I had a very similar response when I wrote “Up my Nose” for my own blog. I was absolutely bombarded with stories about what people or their kids put up their nose! Thanks for the link!

  5. deedee says:

    Joel put pieces of his blanket up his nose. Julie kept saying I don’t know why Joel’s breath is so bad!! Took him to the doctor, pulled out lots of pieces of blanket!!

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