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We Are Totally A Family From The ’80’s

on March 6, 2012

This morning as I dressed my Fa, I realized my family has a soft spot for the ’80’s!!  My husband is more of a ’70’s baby, but he likes to claim the uber cool ’80’s as well.  I mean who wouldn’t want to claim the ’80’s- this was the decade that produced more fads than any before it or probably any after it!  Say it loud — Did you have big hair? HELL YEA!  Did you own/wear parachute pants? HELL YEA! Did you jam to the Beastie Boys and Journey? HELL YEA!  I AM A CHILD OF THE ’80s AND I AM PROUD OF IT!

Here are some examples of how my family celebrates the greatness of the ’80s everyday:

Anytime we hear old school hip hop or rap on the TV, my husband stands up and starts to pop and moon walk across the floor. I mean I guess he is trying to dance since he claims to be the best break dancer in the over 40’s category, but maybe his joints are just giving him a hard time. I always swear he is holding out on me and that he made the Sun Drop commercial.

Then he goes into this tiraide about how The Beastie Boys were his group and their song Brass Monkey was his jam.  K and I always groan in unison, but Fa thinks her dad is cool which is enough to keep encouraging him.  She squeals with delight and yells, “Lets do this Dad!” She then tries to imitate him!

Myself, I long for the big hair days.  I often flip my hair over and spray the underside with hairspray to get that “lush body” that we had “back in the day,” but when I flip my head back up something just doesn’t look right.  Maybe it is all of those crinkles on  my face that I didn’t have 25 years ago.  I have also exposed my children to the all time great song of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A lot.  I know I am a bad mom, but I love that song!!  It just makes me want to wiggle and shake in ways I haven’t done in years {I hope none of you were eating!} and well, I probably don’t look much better than the hubby, but it makes the kiddos laugh.  You do know that dancing is good for the soul!!  It is quite a stress reliever.

What does this mean for my children?  Well, it means that even though one was born in 1996 and the other in 2006, they are still children from the ’80’s.  I mean just look at Fa.  Ponytail to the side; neon green shirt layered, tourquoise leggings — all she needs now are leg warmers!  Like I totally loved leg warmers {note to self — pick up some leg warmers for my girls}.

My oldest has a more subtle love for the ’80s.  She doesn’t rock the totally rad fashions, but she really apprieciates the awesome music.  Her favorite song is  {no, not Baby Got Back 😦 } Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.  As a matter of fact, one of her good friends gave her the complete set of Journey CD’s for her birthday which we play of course on my 1980’s boom box.  She did rock the ’80s look for Halloween this year!

I guess you could say that we are a little weird, but I feel that my kids are well rounded.  They can appreciate the wonderful aspects of today as well as what it was like from the past.

History is not what we just read in the books.  History is what we live!  Help your children learn about history through your experience. Sharing what life was like for me has provided a fun way for my kids and me to connect or it could just make them slightly strange like my kids and provide for many good laughs.


8 responses to “We Are Totally A Family From The ’80’s

  1. This is so true! I am amazed at how much 80’s music is on my 16-year-old’s iPod, and I had no influence on his choices. Nice post…

  2. Brandy Hutchinson says:

    I so agree!! I love the 80’s…good times 🙂 just the other day Cassidy and I were rocking out to Michael Jackson in the car..of course she kept saying “who is this mama”? And “well. He sounds like a girl”! Lol..my husband totally does not get my love for 80’s music ..he rolls his eyes everytime I crank up the 80’s music and gets this look of an automatic migraine. Haha..it may be 2012 but sometimes I like to pretend its still 1985 😉

  3. katejohns says:

    I envy you. My kids are older, and are listening to music that essentially is music from the “80’s. We had a great time dancing around the house to great ’80’s bands like a younger U2, INXS, The Romantics, Iggy Pop. In fact my son still sings the wrong words to many U2 songs. Even though, I’m older I still listen to my favs!!

  4. linneann says:

    How could you not share the music of the 80’s with your children? That’s my thinking. 🙂

  5. deedee says:

    I love 80’s music but i’m loving Faith’s outfit more. It’s so funny Kendall was talking about Faith and her stretch pants she likes to wear below her belly!
    love it!!!

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