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Sharing Sunday

on March 11, 2012

Each Sunday, I would like to share with you some of the other amazing blogs that I have discovered.  These are the ones that I consider the most interesting for the week.  I will provide one post in the following areas: Delightfully Delicious which will provide a recipe or some other type of food post, Fabulously Funny which will be something to make you laugh, Nifty Notions which will be a new idea or concept that may inspire you in some way, and Radical Reflections which will look back at one of my most popular post of the week.  ENJOY!

Delightfully Delicious 

Cook Once, Eat Twice — I work hard to make good use of my leftovers in order to save money.  At  4 Little Fergusons, she reviews a great book and shares a great tip that I will put into use. Check it out.

Fabulously Funny

Stuff Kids Write as a teacher, I know that my students can be pretty funny.  That is why I fell in love with this blog, Stuff Kids Write.  Take a look and make sure you read the explainations before and after the pictures.

Nifty Notions

How Do I Stay Organized? Let Me Count The Ways — I think I fell in love when I found Organic Families.  This blog post has some really good advice on how to get the kids to help with chores.

Radical Reflections 

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and Read Across America  — “You are never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child.” This was the most popular post of mine last week because of course, Dr. Seuss is so popular.  So, I give a shout out to Dr. Seuss again!!  Now everyone go read to your kids no matter how old they are!


2 responses to “Sharing Sunday

  1. Thank you so much for featuring Cook Once, Eat Twice!
    ~Tonya from 4 little Fergusons 🙂

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