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I Brushed My Teeth With a Lifesaver!

on March 12, 2012

Every morning Fa and I brush our teeth together.  It helps me ensure that she actually brushes her teeth!  It isn’t that Fa doesn’t like brushing her teeth; she just doesn’t like stopping her fun activity such as playing Barbies to actually brush her teeth.

This morning was President’s Day and our normal routine was a bit out-of-whack.  When I went to brush my teeth, I didn’t have my sidekick with me.  I yelled out of the bathroom, “Hey Fa!  Did you brush your teeth?”  She responded down the hallway, “Yes Mom!”

I continued to brush not thinking much of her response until I eyed her toothbrush.  Just because I could, I touched the brissels. They were amazingly dry!  I chuckled to myself thinking, “She has tried to pull one over the old lady.”  I yelled out of the bathroom again, “Hey Fa! What did you brush your teeth with because your toothbrush is dry.”  With a bit of a sigh because I am sure I was interrupting her pretend world she replied, “Mom, I brushed my teeth with a lifesaver!”

Needless to say, I busted out laughing and spit toothpaste foam all over the bathroom mirror!!  My husband busted out laughing in the living room and spit cough every where, and my oldest daughter busted out laughing in her bedroom and said, “OOH FaFa, I love you!!”

While it was super funny to us because we know that a lifesaver doesn’t actually brush your teeth, to Fa it made perfect sense!!  She even seemed a bit disgusted at our laughter and responded, “What? It was very minty!!”


5 responses to “I Brushed My Teeth With a Lifesaver!

  1. Brandy Hutchinson says:

    Haha! Faith is too funny! She needs to spend some time with Andrew who has started a habit of brushing his teeth every time he eats if possible simply because he never wants to get another filling! I know this is not a bad thing, but at the same time, I’m worried he will brush all the enamel off of his teeth from too much brushing! Cassidy on the other hand thinks like faith..one morning on the way to school she said “I forgot to brush my teeth” my reply was “Cassidy, you are 9..you should not be forgetting that..we need to have a lesson on hygiene “! Her reply was “mom, just give me one of your mints, they smell like toothpaste”! Lol.

  2. daddyranman says:

    Well played Fa. Always one step ahead of these adults 🙂

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