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Why Am I Keeping Those Baby Teeth?

on March 13, 2012

I have this special little box that is so cute and pretty.  When I hold it, I hold it gently as to not shake the contents.  When I talk about it, I talk about it with a smile because it makes me happy.  When I show it to others, I show it with pride.  When I open it, I open it and everyone gasps!!!

Inside of my pretty little box are teeth!!  Yes, that is right – teeth.  Are you shocked?  Don’t pretend that you don’t have your children’s baby teeth!!  I don’t have every single one, but I have most of them.  Everytime I look at them, I can not help but wonder what in the world will I do with those little teeth?  I know!  I can  make a necklace!!

This came up because the other day I was showing some love to my two girls by slapping them around a little.  You know a little daughter/mother bonding time wrestling!!  I had managed to lock my oldest out of the house, and my youngest and I were running around to make sure all the windows were locked so she couldn’t get back in!!  Then we went to the front window to laugh at K outside.  Well, K, being the sly one, captured Fa’s worm that she had in a plastic bag next to the door because I wouldn’t let her bring it in the house.  K was threatening bodily harm to the worm which threw Fa into a frenzy.  I opened the door and let K back in and preceeded to beat her up some more for good measure.  All the while, Fa was still screaming and hitting herself in the face with a pillow because she was worried about the worm.

All of a sudden Fa ran to me and K and shouted, “A ost my ooth!”  (Say that without touching your tongue to the rough of your mouth and that is how it sounded to us — no I didn’t miss spell it!)  We stopped a bit stunned and I said, “What?” She repeated the strange words and then I say the blood dripping from her mouth.  K and I said at the same time, “OOOH you lost your tooth.”  Fa violently shook her head yes, started crying, and jumping up and down.  She was quite confused — excitment because she lost her first tooth and fear because she was bleeding. 

I hurried her in the bathroom and rinsed her mouth out with water and while telling her that the blood was normal and it would stop.  She calmed down and then the next question came — “Fa, where is your tooth?”  “I don’t know” was the reply that sent my heart racing.  I couldn’t lose the first tooth that Fa lost!!  K and I got on our hands and knees and began scouring the carpet for that little tooth while Fa stood with a wash cloth hanging out of her mouth.  All of a sudden, K and I looked at each other.  I turned to Fa and I asked the dreaded question, “Did you swallow it?”  Again I got, “I don’t know.”

I told everyone to stop moving and let’s think.  Let’s replay the action.  Fa was on the couch hitting herself in the face with a pillow (which was pretty funny).  I moved to the couch and lifted the pillow and there the baby was!!  I scooped it up, showed it to Fa, and put it in a baggie for the tooth fairy — which will be in another post because the tooth fairy was not what I was expecting. 

After the tooth fairy visited, I found the tooth in my little box.  I gazed lovingly at my collection and thought to myself, “Why do I keep these little buggers?”  The answer is because they are a sign that my children are growing up, and I just want to hang on to a small piece of my “little” babies.  I guess it is the same reason I kept their hat from the hospital, or their first pair of shoes, or a piece of hair from the first haircut — I am just not ready to let them grow up!


7 responses to “Why Am I Keeping Those Baby Teeth?

  1. dannypuppet says:

    See I’m torn here… On one hand I tend to hold onto those little things too (I actually finished 3/4 of the oldests baby book…with hair clippings, hospital braclets and all). I’m not so sure about the teeth though. Neither of them are old enough to have lost any yet. The wife will probably want to keep them.

  2. Brandy Hutchinson says:

    You are not alone! I have every baby tooth my kids have lost except one of cassidys that accidentally fell down the sink drain when she spent the night at her Nannie and papas and lost a tooth..papa was clever though and found a pebble that resembled a tooth for her to put under her pillow because she was afraid the toothfairy wouldn’t come since the tooth was lost. I always wonder what I will do with their teeth also .I figure they will just stay in the little bags I keep them in
    and I’m sure when they are grown I will look at them from time to time and remember them losing those teeth and smile and I’m sure cry! Moms may do crazy thinks like keeping teeth and hair, but it is simply out of love that we do it <3. P.s. my mom also has mine and my brothers baby teeth and we still look at them from time to time 🙂

  3. My parents keep them too. But my mum’s lazy, so she didn’t store the baggie high enough, and the six-year-old almost discovered it the other day.

    You kind of read my mind …I have a tooth fairy post in the works. But the latest tooth is still hanging in…

  4. Awww. My mom still has my teeth. I think it’s sweet to keep baby’s first everything. Now I feel like pulling out my first walking shoes and my hospital bracelet… Sigh.

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