The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

Our Tooth Fairy Is No Dwayne Johnson

on March 14, 2012

I was snuggling with Fa when the tooth fairy appeared.  I heard the tinkle of his wings and was getting excited to see a Dwayne Johnson type tooth fairy, but when he came out of the dark my tooth fairy was slightly rotund with a bald spot — definitely not Dwayne!

Once I recovered from my disappointment, I gave the tooth fairy the tooth baggie and instructions to leave a note.  “A NOTE!” he huffed.  “Yes! A NOTE!” I replied.  This tooth fairy was obviously new to the job.  As he turned to fly away, I whispered loudly,”And don’t forget the glitter!”  He stopped dead in his tracks, turned slowly with his hands on his hips and grunted, “GLITTER!”  “YES! GLITTER! She is a glitter kind of a girl!”  I heard him twinkle-toeing down the hall to complete his duties.

The next morning as I watched the tooth fairy drink his second cup of coffee, I realized that he must have had a fight with the glitter bottle because he had glitter all over his face. I knew I was a lucky woman (even if my tooth fairy didn’t look like Dwayne Johnson).  I had a tooth fairy that didn’t mind wrestling with a glitter bottle at midnight and wearing glitter on his face for a week because glitter is really hard to get off just to make his baby girl happy.

God is good!


3 responses to “Our Tooth Fairy Is No Dwayne Johnson

  1. dannypuppet says:

    HAy Who needs the Rock…sounds like you got a good tooth fairy right there.

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