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How To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

on March 19, 2012

As I was pittling around the house today, I decided to get rid of all of the empty pill bottles that had accumulated.  I get 3 prescriptions a month and my husband was in a pretty bad car accident a year ago and I hadn’t gotten rid of those.  I hate to just throw stuff away and really do try to recycle it in some way.  So, I researched a little and found these great ideas for reusing empty pill bottles:

1) Store your craft supplies without having a mess!  Store items like glitter, sequins, beads and googly eyes in pill bottles as well.  This picture shows how I used a few of my bottles.

2) Store small items that you need at your desk such as: thumb tacks, paperclips, and rubber bands.

3) Always losing Barbie’s high heels? Store smaller doll items like shoes and accessories in a pill bottle so they don’t get lost.

4) Use larger pill bottles in home made first aid kits and travel kits. I will definitely be doing this for K’s softball tournaments.

5) Use them for your daily vitamins – Instead of getting out several bottles each day do it once a week and fill up several pill containers with each days vitamins and supplements. I like this idea since I try to get a weeks worth of supplies ready on Sunday.  Now I just have to start taking vitamins!!

Of course, you want to prep the bottles before you use them for any thing.  Take of the labels.  Then I encourage you wash the inside with dish detergent and hot water.  After that, heat water to boiling, pour it into each container, wait one minute, and then rinse.

If you aren’t comfortable reusing these bottles, here are some other suggestions:

1) Check with your local free clinic or veterinarian’s office to see if they accept used prescription bottles.

2) The American Foundation for Children with AIDS accepts empty, clean, amber/blue/green prescription bottles and sends them to Africa to be re-used over and over again at hospitals and pharmacies. Visit their website, AFCAIDS.org, or mail as many bottles as you have to:

American Foundation for Children with AIDS

6221 Blue Grass Avenue

Harrisburg, PA 17112
Prescription Bottle First Aid Kit

I am sure there are others, but these are just two that I found.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them!  Happy recycling!


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