The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

Magic Trick Or Miracle

on March 21, 2012

Last Sunday we went to church.  I love the feeling of going to church with the family — it provides such a positive way to start the new week.  At my church, after we worship the Lord in song, our children are dismissed to kids church.  So, off Fa went to kids church.

When I went to get her after service, she was happy as usual and eager to tell me about the lesson she learned.  This week they focused on the miracles that Jesus performed.  Fa told me when she got home she was going to show me a magic trick just like Jesus did. 

When we reached home, she bounded out of the car and straight to the kitchen.  She pulled a chair up to the counter and took out 2 cups.  One cup she filled with water.  She carefully poured the water  into an empty cup.  I looked in the cup and then at her.  She looked in the cup and then at me.  She said, “Well, that didn’t work.”

Fa doesn’t give up easily though.  She grabbed two different cups and tried again.  When the water remained water from one cup to the next, I could see the disappointment in her face.  I asked her what was suppose to happen.  She said, “Mom! (as if it was my fault) The water was suppose to turn to juice you know like you drink sometimes!”

Then it dawned on me that she was trying to recreate when Jesus turned water to wine!  I suppressed my laughter because I knew if I laughed she would become furious at me.  Then I tried to explain to her the difference between a magic trick and a miracle.  Not an easy lesson–


One response to “Magic Trick Or Miracle

  1. Anon says:

    Haha your daughter is too cute! ❤

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