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Sharing Sunday

on April 22, 2012

Each Sunday, I would like to share with you some of the other amazing blogs that I have discovered.  These are the ones that I consider the most interesting for the week.  I will provide one post in the following areas: Delightfully Delicious which will provide a recipe or some other type of food post, Fabulously Funny which will be something to make you laugh, Nifty Notions which will be a new idea or concept that may inspire you in some way, and Radical Reflections which will look back at one of my most popular post of the week.  ENJOY!

Delightfully Delicious 

Hunger Games Cupcakes — At the blog, Young Mom Decor, she celebrated the Hunger Games with a nature theme.  Check it out, and if you make the cupcakes, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Fabulously Funny

Please Tell Me This Won’t Happen To Me — These jokes about being forgetful and old age had me rolling!!  Is It Possible To See It All is sure to have you laughing too.  Please tell me this won’t happen to me when I am old?  Oh wait — I am old!!

Nifty Notions

Paint Chip Word Family Game-– I am always looking for easy cheap ways to help Fa become a better reader.  I blogged about how to increase reading, but I found this grand idea at Pink and Green Mama.  E

Radical Reflections 

Top 10 Most Important Manners According To Parents — Believe it or not, this is still the most popular post for the last two weeks.  I think it is a statement that parents want their children to develop good manners.  I would like to know if you agree with these as the top 10 most important manners.


3 responses to “Sharing Sunday

  1. Thanks for the link.

  2. Thank you for the mention! Now, there are a few articles you have mentioned that I am wanting to read.

    Thank you for sharing! ~
    (Goes to read about Important Manners.)

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