The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

It Finally Happened — The First Official Date

on June 20, 2012

For two long years, I have been the taxi for my daughter and her first boyfriend.  Yes, I know — they have been dating for two years — since the 8th grade which is an extremely long time.  I give a little bit of background about these love bugs in the post “As Long As They Make You Happy.”  Now understand I use the term dating lightly here because does it really count as a date when your mom or dad is driving you around?  Well, those young kids have grown into young adults, and he now has his licenses.

This past Sunday, K popped the dreaded question, “Can [he] take me to Kings Dominion on Monday?”  I kind of fell back a little as if she had slapped me and then I made her repeat the question.  I thought to myself that surely she means that his parents would be taking them just like all the times before.  So, I ask, “Who will be driving?  His mom or dad?” K turned her head slightly sideways like a confused puppy, “No, Mom.  He was going to drive me.  That is if you let him.”  There was no more pretending.  She was asking what I thought she was asking — she wanted me to put her in a car with THAT BOY and allow him to drive her 20 minutes to the local theme park where they could “hang out” and then bring her back home.  I knew exactly how to handle that — I called her father and asked him!

The minute K’s dad answered the phone I burst into tears.  He began screaming, “WHAT IS WRONG?  REGINA, TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?”  After I informed him of what his daughter had asked me, I cried even harde,r and he went silent.  We were in shock.  Now he and I haven’t been a couple since K was a baby, but we share a deep love for that amazing baby that still holds us together as co-parents.  In my tears and in his silence, we both knew that our life would never be the same again.  He quickly came to his senses though and told me not to worry…  I looked at K and smiled and said, “Of course you can go!”  A huge smile filled her face.   I followed with,  “Your dad is off and will follow you.”  She screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOMMY!!  THIS ISN’T FAIR!  WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME?”

That is when it dawned on me.  She thought this was about her.  I mean yea it was her date — her first official date, and yes, I did promise to embarrass her by having her father follow her, but couldn’t she see this was not about her!  This was about me!  With her one simple question, I was bombarded with feelings of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness.  I know pretty selfish, right?  However, at that moment, I didn’t care because I felt that no one could understand the depths of my love for her.  Being her mother helped to make me feel complete.  K had become my inspiration in so many ways.  I didn’t know you could love someone so much, but in her perfect innocence, she made me a better person.  Only K and Fa will ever know the strength of my love because they are the only ones who know what my heart sounds like on the inside!

After I expressed my fears and my love for her and explained that I did trust her but mommy had some growing up to do, we laid out the ground rules for the “first date.”  On the day of said date, I had a long talk with the both of them about buckling up, staying focused on driving, and being home before dark.  Then I looked at him with tears streaming down my face and said, “Please take care of my baby girl.”  He looked very serious when he responded that he would as if he understood my love for her!!  Is that possible?

As that white Ford Ranger backed out of my driveway and headed down the road, I sat on my front porch and rocked and cried — I cried for the young woman my baby had become, and I cried for the new person I have to become.  Once again in her perfect innocence, K has helped me to become a new person!


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