The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

That Amazing First Date – Not Really!

on June 21, 2012

Yesterday, I posted about my daughter’s first official date and well, it got me to thinking about my first official date.  It was not with the love of my life which is probably a good thing, but it is a date that I will never forget and taught me some valuable lessons.

My family moved 8 times in 8 years, and when I say move, I mean state to state not town to town.  Georgia, Tennesse, Arkansas, North Carolina… you get the picture.  However, my mom and dad worked hard to keep our ties to our family back in Virginia.  My brother and I spent every summer in Virginia and almost every Christmas.  Well, when I was 15 and in Virginia on Christmas break, one of my cousins took me with him to pick up his check from his part-time job.  I was feeling really cool riding around with him.  Once in the store, he introduced him to some of his friends.  Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had a date with a young man by the name of Mason (don’t remember his last name).

Now I wasn’t just feeling cool because I was riding around with my cousin, but I was walking on cloud nine because I had a date with a really cute guy that was like a year or two older than me.  Did I mention this was my first date ever?  Well, my high didn’t last long because back in the car Johnny reminded me that I had to ask my dad.  I froze — hadn’t thought about that.  You know, usually my dad didn’t travel with us because of his job, but this is one of the few times that he came with us and now I had to ask him and not my mom if I could go on my first date.

I don’t remember how I convinced him to let me go – probably my mom did that for me, but I do remember that NIGHT.  Mason came to the front door of my aunt’s house which was exciting within itself because no one used the front door of her house.  We and everybody that was close to her used the side door — my cousin opened the door and let him in — I remember the living room lights were as bright as lights in an operating room and everybody was in there: Mom, Dad, Johnny, Johnny’s friend Walter, my aunt, my uncle, and my little brother who was 6 years younger than me making him about 9 or so at the time.  Surprisingly, Mason didn’t turn and run.

The next think I remember is trying to walk out the door with Mason.  I was buzzing thinking, “Oh My God!!  I am almost out the door.”  Then BAM!!  My brother runs over and attaches to my leg screaming and crying, “Please don’t take my sister!”  Do you know how young kids will wrap themselves around their father’s leg and sit on Dad’s foot and Dad will walk around with them on their leg?  Well, that is what he did to me but because I was rather petit at 15 I couldn’t walk and trust me I tried.  I pleadingly looked up at my father who had an evil smirk on his face and said, “I guess you guys will have to take him along.”  I quickly came crashing down and turned to look at Mason to see if he was going to leave without me.

My mom chimed in then with a definite NO!  There was no way she was going to let Mason drive me and my little brother around.  This can not get much worse right?  WRONG!  She orders my cousin and his friend to take us.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My first date has now turned into a family outing with my little brother, my cousin and a family friend in a STATION WAGON.  Just shoot me.  Mason still went through with the “date” though.

Just some highlights of this date: my brother kept turning around from the front seat to stare at us the entire way to the movies (no seatbelt or car seat laws back then); in the movie theater my brother kept coming up the asile and staring at us the entire movie; OOH yea did I mention that I shut my finger in the door when we got out at the movies.

What did I learn?

  1. I have an amazing brother who will risk life and limb to protect!
  2. I have an amazing family that will always have my back!
  3. That just when you don’t think things could get any worse brace yourself
  4. You can judge a lot about someone’s character based on how they can handle stressful situations

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