The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

Silly Saturday: A Whole Website for Bad First Dates — Really?

on June 23, 2012

O.K. so I posted this week about my daughters first official date and then about my first date back in the stone ages. I was interested to see if other’s had bad experiences on their first date and low and behold I found an entire website for bad first dates.  I have listed just a few below, and I hope they make you laugh or maybe count your blessings in some strange way

1.  @gen_parfan Went on a date and he took me to mcdonalds and i had to pay for my food then he said he only got a coupon for himself.

Well, he was frugal which could be a positive.  I had a boy take me to Captain D’s one time.  Not my favorite place!

2. One boy texted me the complete lyrics to “hit me baby one more time” replacing the word “hit” with “text”. I did not respond.

–Is this the 90s? Maybe if he had texted a Katy Perry lyric, that would have been fine (no, no it wouldn’t have been). 

3. SoNotACreeper He tugged me across the crosswalk even though a car was speeding ahead, saying “don’t worry, this would be a great lawsuit.”

Positive– was he studying to be a lawyer?  Suggestion– he should hang out with the guy from #1

4. @sankatka after 15 min, kept insisting i’d move in with him, showed me blueprints of the basement. I had a mysterious headache.

–Please read the following article and commit it to memory: 3 Ways To Spot Your Future Ex-Husband

5. @kingnivin After 40 mins of painful convo I tweeted about the horrible date. She came back from the bathroom & poured her drink on me.

–Ha…well, you kind of deserved that one. Tough call though on which one of you is crazier.


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