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Summer Bucket List Update #1

on July 9, 2012

A few weeks back I created a Summer Bucket List.  My hope was to slow down and enjoy this amazing time of year.  I wanted to give you an update —

This beautiful picture was taken by Kendall’s aunt, Haley.

Number 6 was Have A Cookout – I know that seems kind of lame, but this is a big year for us.  My daughter, K, will turn 16 in July and leave for a 2 week trip to Italy and Greece.  I want to have a fantastic cook out to celebrate her birthday, 4th of July, and Bon Voyage, and I want it to be a BLAST!  Well, I tackled that one on the 4th of July with much success.  I actually held two cookouts that day.  A lunch cookout and a dinner cookout.  I had 17 people over for lunch and birthday cake.  The picture shows Kendall, her 2 sisters, her brother, her boyfriend, and the rest are her cousins.  They had a blast on the slip and slide!!  Next year I will add the slip and slide to my bucket list.  We did hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings!!  Then for dinner I had 14 people present for BBQ chicken and the fixings and of course, a second birthday cake!  We ended the night with the best front yard fireworks show east of the Mississippi.  I even tried out some of my Pinterest finds with much success which kind of lends itself to helping me tackle bucket list item number 7 Make Something – I don’t know what yet, but it will be great and fun and made by me and me alone!!!  I have to say both of these items were a huge hit!

Number 9 was Eat Outside As Often As Possible – Why?  I don’t know because we can and it is different and I think it sounds fun.  I need to tell you that we have been caught in a massive heat wave averaging temperatures around 105 daily.  We have been hit hard by storms and have just started to recover; however, I have still managed to accomplish this task about 4 times since June 25.  Of course, I ate lunch and dinner outside on July 4th.  Then Fa and I did mac-n-cheese one night on the deck.  She asked me why we were eating outside, and I said, “Because we can.”  She looked at me funny and said, “You do know it is like a gazillion degrees out here.”  I agreed with her so we ate our mac-n-cheese quickly and headed inside to the A/C.  Then on Friday I took Fa to see a ventriloquist, and we had a picnic lunch.  It was still hot, but we did it. I have to say eating outside hasn’t been as inspiring as I had hoped, but I do think the temps have played a part in that.  Next week we are looking at averages in the 80’s, and I plan to take advantage of it.

I have plans for Sleeping In A BackYard Tent  and to Get My Faith Tattoo.  I will need to work on the rest of the plans.  Any suggestions for homemade ice cream?


7 responses to “Summer Bucket List Update #1

  1. You’re cook out looks like a blast! Thanks for the mention!!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy!! I love the summer bucket list idea. What a great way to savor the summer and be present in your life. Those strawberries look amazing and something I, a baking challenged individual, could actually pull off. The picture of all the kiddos is the epitome of summer. I hope your daughter has a safe and fun trip of a lifetime!

    • Thanks!! I have to be honest and say those photos are stock photos not my actual strawberries, but mine were close to it and they did taste great and they were super easy to make. I am not very handy in the kitchen either!! Have a great summer.

  3. ipinterest says:

    Love the bucket list idea! Keep it going and I’m interested to hear how it goes 🙂

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