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Phython Found Wrapped Around Sleeping Baby

on July 10, 2012

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  This just occured last Monday in Illinois not some far off land, and to make it worse, the two foot long ball python did not belong to the family. 

The parents, Devin and Sarah Lacey Winans,  said they woke to the one year old boy making strange noises.  When they turned the light on in his room, they saw the snake wrapped around the child’s leg trying to eat it’s foot.  The father removed it with a blanket.  They took the boy to the hospital with bite marks, bruises, and scratches.  The little boy will be fine.

The snake is believed to belong to another tenant in the apartment, Shelby C. Guyette, 23, who has been charged with not having the animal in a secure terrarium.  My question is if this snake would have wrapped itself around the little boy’s neck and killed him would she have been charged with murder?

This comes down to personal responsibility and realizing that your actions directly impact everyone around you.  This young woman obviously didn’t take her responsibility seriously regarding this very dangerous pet.  I am not saying she doesn’t have a right to own this strange animal, but if you are going to exercise your rights, you better be prepared to take responsibility for your actions!  Not only did this tenant put this young boy’s life in danger, but she also put small pets in danger and now has cost the county money because the snake has to be cared for, the cost of court, and the burden on the police who were involved.  I believe she should have to pay for all expenses that have been incurred due to her careless behavior. 

Talking about a nightmare.  How do you ever put your child to bed again after something like that happens?


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