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American Girl Birthday Party At The American Girl Store

on July 24, 2012

Birthday parties are a pretty big deal around here.  We spend oodles of time debating girl birthday party ideas. This year Fa will turn 6, and she wanted to get an American Girl doll.  She also wanted to have a party at the bowling alley.  We weighed our options and decided that because of the cost of the doll and accessories we would have to have a small party.  I recorded our party in pictures and have to say it was a blast.  Anyone with a little girl 6 and up that is looking for birthday party ideas, I highly recommend the American Girl Doll Store!

We made it a girls day!  It was myself, Fa, Nana, Auntie B, and cousin Cassidy.  We live about 2 hours from Washington DC which is where the store was located and usually traffic is awful, but we made it ok to the mall; however, finding the store was no minor feat because it is the 11th largest mall in the United States.  Today, the mall has 2.1 million square feet of retail space on three levels, 16 movie screens, and nearly 300 stores.

Talking about exciting once we found those bright red walls!!  Once inside, there was no containing Fa.  It is as if all her little 6 year old dreams had come true!

I wanted her to take her time and explore what they had to offer on those two levels, and I have to admit even I was feeling a bit giddy looking at all the cool stuff!!  Fa was most fascinated with the accessories.  That is the kind of girl she is.  In the picture, she has discovered a miniature version of the game Apples to Apples!  Notice her shoes?  They are actually mine — shows I am not a perfect parent because I didn’t even know she had them on until we were walking into the store!

The bath tub was a huge hit with her.  I loved watching her play with the display items and using her imagination.  It was cool that the store was interactive, and the kids felt comfortable enough to explore.

Trust me as she played her list of items she wanted was growing!!

We had limits so she just created a Christmas list, a 7th birthday list, a New Year Eve’s list, and well, you get the picture!

Since Fa has been dancing for two years now, she was excited to find the ballerina outfit, and it was quickly added to the list!

After an hour or so of shopping and exploring and listing, Fa discovered the arts-n-crafts table.  Next to dancing, arts and crafts are her favorite things.  She made a bracelet and an inspirational mirror.  The store encouraged creativity and a respect for being a young girl.

After we partied in the store, I had reservations for a birthday meal in the American Girl Bistro.

As you can see by the look on Auntie B’s and Cassidy’s face, we were all famished.  Spending money makes you hungry.

Here you see Cassidy with her bitty baby, Mary Elizabeth.  Fa loved sharing this day with her cousin.  Cassidy is very kind to Fa and made it a very special day for her!  GG loves her Cassidy a ton.

Here is Fa with her doll, Brooke.  Notice that the dolls have high chairs to sit at the tables with their moms, and if a girl comes to eat and doesn’t have a doll, they have ones they will loan to you.  How nice is that?

Appetizers for everyone — Fa had fruit kebabs with yogurt dipping sauce.

I had artichoke and spinach dip which everyone at the table seemed to like, and I wanted to lick the bowl!

Nana and Cassidy each got the cheese fondue which I tried and also found delish.

And Auntie B got a salad.  She threatened to cut our fingers off if we tried to eat hers!  Just kidding.

Our entrees were just as good as the appetizers– Fa ordered the itty bitty Picnic meal which came with with a slider hamburger and a mini hotdog and a salad kebab.

Auntie B and I ordered an out-of-this-world chicken sandwich with fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers.  Can you say YUMMMM?  because I sure did!

Even Brooke got an amazing tea cup with berries.  Fa loved that touch.  Notice her hat and sticker?  I am telling you those tiny details did not go unnoticed by my birthday girl.

After such a delicious meal, they brought Fa a beautiful cake.  Of course, pink and white!

And then they sung happy birthday to her.  She tried to act embarrassed, but she was loving every minute of the attention.

The cake was delicious served with ice cream.

Fa and Cassidy were getting their babies ready for the ride home after a fun and exciting day in Washington DC at the American Girl Store.  Notice the bag in the forefront of the picture.  That was a goodie bag given to Fa and her guest which included a doll balloon and shirt as well as a book.

Overall,  I would have to say, the birthday party at the American Girl Store was a success as evident by her deep sleep!

Next year it has already been decided the party will be at the bowling alley!


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