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1 Step To Prevent The Stomach Bug

on July 26, 2012

Cleaning puke has to be the worst task a mother has to do.  Well, maybe there are a few others, but cleaning puke ranks right up there at the top.  However, the other day as I trolled the internet I read that drinking a glass of 100% grape juice a day can prevent the stomach bug!  Key word here — PREVENTIVE.  If you give it to someone who already has the stomach bug, you will be cleaning up purple puke!

So, your 1 step to preventing the stomach bug is GRAPE JUICE!

Now let’s explore this idea a bit more. 

  1. I am not a doctor, and I have not been able to find any science to actually back this up, but I have read several testimonies by “real” moms (opposed to the fake moms) that says it works.  I also read that it is the acidic level that prevents the stomach bug from surviving in the digestive tract. 
  2. The grape juice has to be 100% not a juice cocktail.  There was some mention of cranberry juice working too which is also great for those pesky UTIs.  It is recommend Welch’s 100% grape juice not the essiential or the calcuim fortified or the light or the white —  just straight grape juice!  I guess this could be a marketing ploy by Welch’s, but hey, if it works, I am all for it. 
  3. The recommendation is one glass daily until you start to hear the rumor that the stomach bug is going around and then up it to three glasses a day.  DO NOT GIVE IT TO SOMEONE THAT HAS THE STOMACH BUG ALREADY!
  4. Yes, grape juice has a lot of calories in it.  However, if you drink one glass a day at breakfast, it is a great way to start the day and you can find other places to cut a few calories.  I recommend eating a cup of yogurt each day too since it has probiotics which are also good for the gut and cutting out that cheeseburger for lunch.   Just a suggestion.

Well, I hope this tip works for you and your family and you remain bug free!!


2 responses to “1 Step To Prevent The Stomach Bug

  1. daddyranman says:

    Sigh. Kids puke, don’t they? Now what do you feed them in case they do puke, so that the puke smells like roses?

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