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Summer Bucket List Update #3

on August 7, 2012

A few weeks back I created a Summer Bucket List.  My hope was to slow down and enjoy this amazing time of year.  I wanted to give you an update —

Well, I tackled #3. Get My Faith Tattoo — I have a tattoo for the birth of my oldest daughter and now it is time for my to get one for my youngest daughter! And here it is: Tattoo on wrist done in black with Hebrew 11:1, the infinity sign, and the word faith.

This also ties in with #8. Make Sure To Do Something Just For Me — Right now I am leaning towards getting a pedi and also, hanging out by the pool without anyone around to watch! I have been wanting this tat for a while so it fits #8.

So far this summer I have completed #3 Get My Faith Tattoo, #6 Have A Cookout, #7 Make Something (kind of — I am just not very good at making things.  I do have another project in the works), #8 Make Sure To Do Something Just For Me, and #9 Eat Outside As Much As Possible.  Not bad!

Let me know how you are enjoying your summer!

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