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9 Funny, Weird Words That My Kids Say

on August 8, 2012

Sometimes what we think we are saying isn’t what we are really saying.  As an adult that can be rather embarrassing, but as a child, it is just so dang cute!!  Here is a list of several strange words my children have used:

1)whipper wipers — those things that clean your windshield when it is raining! AKA – windshield wipers

2)ice pickles — the flavored water we give kids on a hot day.  AKA – popsicles

3) couscous puffs — the chocolate balls of sugar that we feed our kids in the morning with milk.  AKA — Coco Puffs

4)capri suns — you may be thinking it is a drink, but in our house, capri suns are the short pants that you were in the spring because it is not hot enough for shorts but not cold enough for pants.  AKA – capris

5) ear confection — the pain that wakes a child in the middle of the night screaming and crying.  AKA — ear infection

6) bessert — the sweet treat after a meal.  AKA — dessert (to this day, my stepfather still asks for bessert.)

7) eagles — you may think an eagle is the bird that represents the U.S.A, but to my children, eagles are those annoying birds you find at the beach.  AKA– seagulls

8) plump — no, this isn’t what my children call me.  It is the stringy stuff in orange juice.  AKA — pulp (to this day, my 16 year old still ask for OJ with no plump)

9) strudelloop — the warm breakfast pastry with icing.  AKA — toaster strudel

Please make me laugh and leave some of the funny and weird words that your kids have used!


2 responses to “9 Funny, Weird Words That My Kids Say

  1. “The goat” – any tv remote. It’s based on one line by the thug bear (not Fozzy) in the movie “Muppets from outer space”. It’s been years since we’ve seen it, but we still call it “The goat” (at least I do).

    Plabby Plabby – a hamburger from any restaurant. When our Emma was 2 1/2 she tried to say “Crabby Patty”, the name of the burger served at Mr. Crabbs restaurant in the show “Spongebob Squarepants”.

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