The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious of Parenting

Are Those Horses or Cows?

on August 9, 2012

I say ya’ll; I own a few chickens; I love a good piece of deer meat;  I have been down the dirt road to pick wild blackberries so my granny could make a fesh blackberry roll;

Blackberry fruits11

Blackberry fruits11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have drank from a water hose on a hot summer day, and I have teased the cows to make them mad.  As a matter of fact, the school I teach at and graduated from has “Camo Day” and cows across from it.  I pride myself in being a bit country.

However, I have failed as a country girl.  I have not passed along the country spirit to Fa.  The other night I drove to my mother’s house, and as we passed the cow field, Fa squealed and said, “Look Mom!  Look at that tall grass where the horses lived?”  Horses?  How can my daughter not tell the difference between horses and cows?  And tall grass?  That was clearly corn even in the moonlight.

I took a moment to explain the differences between cows and horses and between tall grass and cornstalks, and felt maybe with that explanation I had restored her “country” gene!  That was until we got out of the car at my mother’s house.

English: Cows in polish mountain (Masyw Śnieżn...

Country Cows.

When Fa opened the car door, her eyes grew big.  She ran to myside of the car and latched on to my arm, “MOMMY!  WHAT IS THAT?”  “What is what?” I said.  “THAT SOUND!  THAT SCRATCHING SOUND!  WHAT IS IT?”  I chuckled and told her it was the frogs, crickets, and other bugs singing the night time song.  I explained how beautiful it was.  She explained how creepy it was.

It made me kind of sad on two levels: first, I longed for those times out in the country catching fireflies with my cousins or eating strawberries out of Grandaddy’s garden.  Second, I am sorry that I can not give those amazing experiences to my children so that the night song is beautiful and not “creepy.”  I can only try to expose them to as much as possible and hope they develop an appreciation for the beauty of nature.


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